The Goldendoodle is a “designer dog,” a hybrid dog breed resulting from breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. Like all other designer breeds the Goldendoodle is a crossbreed that is enjoying growing popularity because of its flexible and desirable characteristics.

The original purpose of the cross was to develop guide dogs suitable for visually impaired individuals with allergies. Poodles are considered to be hypoallergenic. Their coats do not shed, which reduces dander (which causes allergies in humans).

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The Spinonedoodle TM is our newest spectacular mixed breed. This is a combination of a Spinone Italiano and a Standard Poodle.

We wished to combine these two breeds in order optimize the superior characteristics of both the breeds.

Both breeds are considered to be of the most intelligent of the canines and loyal companions.

Adding the Spinones' history of advanced hunting abilities, excellent health and warm loving personalities to the poodles high intelligence and non -shedding coat characteristics offers a pooch that beams with brilliance.

Please check our "Who's Available" page for puppy availability.

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Spinone Italiano

The Spinone Italiano is hands down one of the best breeds of all canines. It is a highly intelligent breed with advanced skills in hunting.

This  Italian sport breed is not new. It is actually one of the oldest breeds known and is traced to the area in Italy where our family, as well,  has its heritage.

As a matter of fact the Spinone has been incorporated into our families  for hundreds of years.

We wish to continue breeding these fabulous, lovable, docile and loyal friends to share with our family and yours.

Please see our "Spinone Italiano" page to read more about this breed.

Please check our "Who's Available" page for puppy availability.

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Why Purple Clover Kennels?

Before you consider a dog please think about how it will fit into your life, your family, your lifestyle.  All dogs and all breeds aren't made for all people.  Please remember that a dog is a living creature.

Now that you're ready to invite a new family member into your home please review our photos to see our dogs and why we are different than other Goldendoodle, Spinone Italiano and SpinoneDoodle breeders and how our dogs and pups are raised with love and attention.

Our Goldendoodles, Spinone Italiano, and SpinoneDoodles represent the finest available of the breeds.  Our puppies are cared for personally, they are part of our family (until they become part of yours), are fed the finest foods and live in excellent conditions.

We are confident that Purple Clover Kennel will be your choice when you learn about our puppies and learn About Us.