Spinonedoodle™️ Puppies Born October 2, 2018

Our new litter of Spinonedoodle™️ puppies were born to Agata and Sire Leonardo on October 2.   We have three males and five females available. They are very healthy and active potty training is in process and going well.

Reservations can be made now to reserve a puppy. We understand that we have families all over the United States wanting a Spinonedoodle and its not always possible to come meet the puppies but if you live in the  Cleveland area we do encourage  you to come visit our home and meet all the puppies. We can also send videos to those inquiring from far away locations.

We will continue to update our site as the puppies grow so pictures will change from time to time.

Meet the Puppies



Ginger is the sweetest puppy in the world. She looks like a puppy made out of gingerbread which is why we named her Ginger!



Amelia is sweet and gentle but loves to rival with socks which is how she got her name. she is doing well with training and is paper and puppy pad trained.


Flannery is one of the most adorable puppies you will ever meet. She is playful and engaging. Like her puppy mates, she is paper/ puppy pad trained and moving on to the next step in training!



Flavia is a beautiful blonde red color and she is very sweet and spunky!



Rosette is just as her name describes.  She is a lovely sweet puppy with a soft gentle step.




Teddy is full of joy and cuteness.  He will follow you wherever you go.  Sweet and loving and a happy puppy. He is paper and pad potty trained.



Calm and sweet and always ready to eat.  This big guy is perfect.

Next Steps...

Please contact us for more images and videos as we can send them to you in real-time.

To reserve a puppy, please contact us first make sure the puppy is available. Then go to our reservation page and click the Buy Now button to be taken to PayPal where you can select your  gender and specify the name in your reservation note.