Frise & Peluche™ Salon de Chien

Please contact us at (330) 814-6183 to price
your particular dog and to make an appointment. 
We accept calls seven days a week between 8:00 and 11:00


Nous sommes un salon et spa pour tous les chiens et chiot 

We are here to make your dog happy; to make your dog look and feel gorgeous.  


Every dog loves to look their best. Every dog loves to have their coats clean and soft and mats removed.  They feel better about themselves and it shows.   Let your doggy strut its stuff with une coiffure elegante et parfaite. 

Your puppy will so appreciate you!!!

Un bain complet avec des shampooings et des parfume parfumes. luscious scents to relax your dog while relieving them of tension and bringing them to a happy place of “about them” fun that follows their bath.

We play music, dance, toss balls and share toys.  Every doggy gets a treat and a beautifully placed bow or cool bandana. 

Amenez votre chien chez nous

You will be so happy when seeing the happiness in your dog’s smile from a gift of pure pampering.      offer full grooming services by certified experienced groomers using exceptional quality products that are friendly for your pretty pooch


Fine Frise & Pelluche Products to consider:

We welcome  all breeds.  Perfect Puppy Collar See your puppy from beginning to adulthood with just one collar that adjusts from 8 inches to 18 inches. $19.99

Perfect Puppy Pillow – Special products to help you have the best experience with your new puppy!

Small         15 in.  x 20 in.
Medium     20 in. x 26 in.
Large         20 in. X 30 in.



Small                 $205.00

Medium             $249.00

Large                 $299.00