We have a litter of Spinonedoodle™ due October 2018

There are many "doodle" breed variations available today as the advantages of introducing the excellent characteristic of the poodle; intelligence and hypo-allergenic properties to other breeds has allowed for people with allergies and asthma to now have a these wonderful companions.

In the past I have enjoyed breeding the golden doodle and my puppies have brought great joy to many families and we love our golden doodles as they are 100%  loyal family members.

Still, it wasn't until I met Enzo, a beautiful Spinone Italiano brought here from Italy,  that I fell in love and adopted another wonderful breed into my heart.

Enzo became my companion immediately. It seemed as if he was an old friend that I had known for years.  He was kind and docile and loving and smart and playful and intuitive.

Enzo loved being a loyal and serving friend and his mannerism were unfounded for any dog.

It was then that I decided the Spinone was certainly a worthy breed to focus my time, energy, and love.

Even better is that I decided for the purpose of providing to those who require non-shedding, a breed combination of the spinone and standard poodle that I have named the Spinonedoodle™.  

I am so happy to present this new designer mixed breed because I am confident they will be of exceptional quality and characteristics that are desired and they will bring so much happiness to their new families.



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